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Creative Agency:
Publicis Singapore

Walt Disney Studios

Associate Creative Director:
Tan Su Lin

Art Director:
Sandy Ang, Elizabeth Lim

Renee Choo, Nicholas Teo

Motion Graphic Designer:
Phoebe Ting


Across social, we have a chance to inspire people to not only embrace their own unique brand of magic but to recognise and show appreciation for the magic to be found in the everyday - where they least expect it or perhaps even amongst the people closest to them.

01. See The World Through A Magical Lens
We want to bring the charm of ‘Encanto’ to Singaporeans by using these extraordinary moments – inspire them to find the magic in their everyday.

02. Which Madrigal Sister Are you?
Using relatable situations, we get Singaporeans to take a quiz and see which Madrigal sister they’re most like.

03. Gifted in Singapore
Though we might not have the magical abilities of the Madrigals, Singaporeans have unique abilities, or gifts, that make us who we are.

04. Finding Mirabel
To introduce all the characters (the house included) to Singaporeans, we invite them into the fantastical Casa Madrigal! Fans are challenged to look for Mirabel while meeting the other characters and experiencing the many quirks of Casa.

Experience it here! (works better on phone)

05. Isabela’s Guide To Flower Decorations
To feed Singaporean’s obsession with indoor gardens and flower decorations, we create a simple guide inspired by none other than Isabela.

06. The Singaporean Guide to Spanish
Besides the magic, the Colombian culture is also a key aspect of the film we want Singaporeans to experience. We immerse them in the culture by first introducing them to the basics of Spanish.

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