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Maritime Port Authority

PSA Multiservices Gateway
For this project, we designed an information graphic for Singapore's Maritime Port Authority (MPA). We were tasked to create an A1 poster about the International Maritime Centre (IMC). IMC consist of the different services available to assist Singapore to be a thriving international port. For our group, we chose to design a poster on the terminal and port services, streamlining only into PSA terminal services. While designing this poster we had many considerations on the flow of content, the hierarchy, as well as the amount of details added, keeping in mind the flow from top to bottom left to right. We faced some difficulties in arranging our elements nearer to the finished product as we added too many details that made it too cluttered and messy. We then took up the act of reduction to make non-important details smaller and removing elements that were overly replicated. Details that are kept are mostly illustrations to represent the information instead of having it replaced with boring text.




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