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It’s About Damn Time

Hijacking an unexpected platform that nobody typically associates environmental conservation with to create a digital campaign that helps save the planet.

Art Director:
Sandy Ang

Junior Art Director:
Veronica Yudhistantra


Singaporean youths are aware of the consequences and effects of climate change yet they are not taking any action against it.


Mindless streaming produces a significant amount of carbon emission. Finishing a whole season of Stranger Things (about 13 hours) creates 1.3 kilograms of carbon dioxide emission which is equivalent to a car traveling for 5.2 kilometers.  

What if we could hijack the most used streaming platform in Singapore to get Singaporeans to start taking action against climate change?


In order to get the most eyeballs for this campaign, we tapped into the most used streaming platform in Singapore, Netflix. Leveraging on an existing Netflix feature - “Are you still watching?”, we turn mindless watching into a campaign that will help reduce the amount of streaming time that will lower the carbon footprint in Singapore.


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